Supply Chain Management Courses

  • To enable students to be able to make complaints and suggestions.
  • To listen to all complaints and suggestions in a positive & open way.
  • To resolve problems in the best way possible.
  • To use complaints as an opportunity to review and improve the service we offer.
  • To consider and, if practicable, act on suggestions.
  • To provide information on Complaints Procedure to students in their registration packs (given on Day 1).
  • To tell students verbally during the Welcome Talk about ERP Software Management Complaints Policy & Procedure.
  • To re-iterate to students during the course, who students should speak to regarding any problems.
  • To regularly ask a selection of students for suggestions on improvements on trainings and methods
    provided by ERP Software Management. 
  • To provide all students with an opportunity to give feedback (including complaints and suggestions) on
    Final Leavers’ Questionnaire. 
  • Senior Management Team, Reception, Registration and Administration staff to review all student comments in the Leavers’ Questionnaires and act on suggestions where possible.
  • All complaints will be treated as part of our development process and get documented for improvisation.

Complaints Procedure 


  • We encourage students to tell us immediately if they have a problem of any sort so that we can help to resolve.
  • We will: listen | understand | summarize | empathize | acknowledge | advise | resolve | be thankful
  • However, if they wish to make a formal complaint, we have the following procedure:
  • Please see the relevant member of staff as shown below.
  • Teachers and teaching: Head Trainer
  • Refunds & other Finance: Head of Operations
  • Facilities & premises: Head of Administration
  • We will listen to your complaint and try to find a solution to the problem.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved, you will be requested you to submit a formal written complaints form.
  • We will revert in 3 working days with a solution or recourse.
  • If you are still not satisfied, please meet the Managing Partner. He will work on a prompt solution.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved immediately, you will be requested to resubmit your written complaint.
  • You will receive a written response within 3 working days.
  • If you still feel that your complaint has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner, we encourage and guide the
    student to send the written complaint to the CIPS team. 

Procedure to conclusively deal with the complaint 


Where possible, we ask students to see their teacher if they are unhappy with their class. However, if they are embarrassed, 
or the problem is with their teacher, they can speak to the Head Trainer, who will inform them of proposed action, as below. 
Student will then be invited to come back a week later to see if matters have improved. 

  • The Head of Training will discuss the problem with the teacher concerned and identify possible solutions. In some cases,
    the Managing Partner will also be involved. If necessary, the Head of Training will observe the class, with a second 
    observation if deemed necessary. 
  • If the students are still unhappy, the Head of Training may move the teacher to a more suitable class. If the problem is due
    to a personality clash, it may be possible to move the student to another class at the same level. 

All the above stages are documented. 

Where possible the Head of Training will provide a teacher with as much support as possible 

However, if matters do not improve, and the teacher continues to have problems with all classes, they will be asked to leave 
(Following the necessary disciplinary procedure), or, if a short term, temporary teacher, their contract will not be renewed. 

For serious complaints, the student is asked to fill in complaints form and follow procedure. 


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