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MCIPS Qualification

Membership of the Institute Of Chartered Supply and Procurement is referred to as MCIPS. Among the most important certifications a professional consumer may earn is this widely respected one. With MCIPS qualification status, you can add the post-nominal letters “MCIPS” after your name to show that you are a properly qualified member of CIPS. You are recognized as a highly skilled and knowledgeable purchasing specialist by MCIPS.

We at ERP software management provide a variety of CIPS courses from level 2 to level 6 that can aid in your quest for MCIPS designation. Continue reading to learn more about why MCIPS can benefit you and how you can go about getting it.

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Advantages of MCIPS

Employers greatly prize MCIPS designation since it represents the pinnacle of achievement for purchasing and procuring professionals around the world. Obtaining MCIPS status validates your training and credentials and serves as an official seal of approval from a prestigious professional organization.

You’ll undoubtedly discover that employers require all candidates to be MCIPS qualified—or, at the absolute least, working forward toward MCIPS qualification—if you’re looking to advance to a management or senior professional post. Achieving MCIPS accreditation will be crucial if you want to advance to the absolute pinnacle of the field in positions like Procurement Manager or Head of Purchasing.

An MCIPS qualification will give you practical, transferable skills that will improve both your CV and your day-to-day working life, making it more than just a qualification. Being acknowledged as a Fellow of CIPS will improve your resume and career and reputation, further your career, and provide you an opportunity to interact with the world’s top companies, which will result in greater job chances and a higher income.

The average pay of a procurement expert who has earned an MCIPS qualification is significantly higher than the median salary of individuals who have not, by even more than £9,500. In fact, earning an MCIPS qualification will result in a large wage increase. In contrast to other purchasing qualifications, MCIPS offers a number of practical advantages, and you will almost immediately notice the influence on your career.

Contact one of our helpful Course Advisors to discuss your needs in more depth and learn more about the ways MCIPS may be of use to you.

How to get MCIPS-Certified Qualification 

You must demonstrate your worth in terms of credentials and work experience in order to become an MCIPS.

We at ERP software management offer CIPS-accredited courses to assist you in obtaining the following credentials:

  • Diploma in Procurement and Supply at Level 4 of CIPS
  • Advanced Diploma  in Procurement and Supply at Level 5 with CIPS
  • Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply at Level 6 from CIPS

Don’t worry if you aren’t yet prepared to work forward toward the Level four Diploma. We at ERP software management are committed to assisting you at every stage of your professional journey, which is why we also provide a CIPS Level 2 Certification and a Level 3 Advanced certificate to get you where you want to be.

In addition to these requirements, you must have at least 3 years of experience in a leadership role within the procurement and supply industry in order to become an MCIPS. Your line manager can formally validate this information in a letter. You can apply to CIPS to raise your participation to the MCIPS level. Once you have obtained all essential credentials and work experience.

You can apply to CIPS to raise your participation to the MCIPS level. After you have obtained all essential credentials and work experience. For personalized advice on what you need to do to obtain MCIPS status, one of our helpful specialists would be pleased to assist you.

MCIPS Preparation with ERP Software Management

From the beginning of your studies. Now being a formal member of CIPS will improve your employability and performance. Assisting in the acceleration of your purchasing career.

Based on your present experience level and the length of reading time you have accessible. ERP software management CIPS Study Centre provides a pathway to MCIPS qualification that may be finished in 3–6 years.

Since our innovative distance learning strategy is so flexible. You may easily fit it around your personal and professional obligations while learning when and where it suits you best. You may constantly enhance your performance and understanding. And abilities while you learn. Since CIPS qualifications are applicable and created to support your day-to-day employment.


With the help of an experienced tutor, and a committed student mentor. As a student liaison officer, you will always have support and direction when studying ERP software administration. With each online training course. And a 98% rate of success, demonstrating our trust in safeguarding your career.


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