Supply Chain Management Courses

AI in Procurement

AI in Procurement Artificial Intelligence AI in procurement has been increasingly adopted in various industries, including procurement. In the procurement field, AI technologies offer significant potential to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and optimize decision-making. Here are some key applications of AI in procurement: Read More: Sustainable Procurement Training Spend Analysis Spend analysis is a critical […]

Procurement Training

The United Nations Program for Development provides personnel from either the United Nations system, non-governmental agencies, global development finance companies and their lenders, and governments with specialized acquisition training and certification. The Institute Of Chartered Supply and Procurement has accredited UNDP’s procurement certification programs, guaranteeing conformity with rising global qualification requirements and providing participants with […]

Procurement Apprenticeships

Procurement Apprenticeships Those who have just begun working in a supply chain or procurement job and wish to increase their competence and confidence should apply for this procurement apprenticeships. The CIPS Level 3 Certification in Supply and Procurement Management is part of this program. All employees (of all genders) who operate in the UK have […]

Sustainable Procurement Training

Sustainable Procurement Training Discover the essential ideas of sourcing, marketing, and procurement while using sustainable procurement training. The first lesson in the course will cover how to incorporate sustainably and roundness into sourcing and budgeting. The lesson emphasizes the value of productivity and long-term preparation in order to minimize waste and maximize efficient Supply Chain […]