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CIPS Training Centre South Africa

CIPS Training Centre South Africa

  • CIPS training centre south africa is a full-service institute dedicated to promoting and developing high professional competence, aptitude, and integrity among all procurement and supply chain management. For everyone working in the procurement and supply industry, CIPS credentials are the industry standard. It offers five certifications created with the cooperation of multinational organizations to ensure that they cover all of the competencies and capabilities needed in the procurement industry. CIPS training centers will inspire and motivate teams and individuals while also introducing best practices and innovative thinking to the workplace. It is the world’s largest professional association of its type.
  • CIPS Africa initially supports 16,000 CIPS members from across Sub-Saharan Africa; For the past five years, CIPS and IPSA have had a productive working relationship that benefits professional institutes’ members. IPSA ceased to exist as a professional body in December 2009, and CIPS agreed to transfer all of its members to CIPS Southern Africa. There is a CIPS training center present to help with a better understanding of the program.

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What is the purpose of CIPS?

  • The CIPS Procurement and Supply Chain is a cyclical process that includes several essential functions for acquiring products or services.
  • Above all, The regulated qualifications provide CIPS members with the assurance that they accurately reflect the level of knowledge, abilities, and understanding that a student must exhibit.

Why CIPS Africa?

  • Every year, CIPS conducts about 45,000 examinations across the region from 60 study centers. It has 11 African branches, including seven in South Africa. CIPS presently works and supports a wide range of business and public sector organizations throughout Africa. CIPS Africa’s debut will also allow CIPS to help other organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa better. It will assist them in developing their procurement and supply chain capabilities. However, A South African Trust owns the remaining 25% of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (BBBEE). This trust will distribute monies to deserving individuals for educational development.
  • A small team will work out of the CIPS Africa office to assist members in the region. There will be a schedule of training and development events and branch and networking activities in the CIPS Training centre South Africa for members. The office will also advocate for professional procurement with government institutions and significant enterprises to improve procurement in the region.


  • The ERPSM CIPS STUDY Center is a significant innovator in the field, boosting information and skills.
  • With a team of highly skilled and experienced educators, this training is adaptable.
  • It provides internationally recognized study programs; as an approved CIPS study center.
  • It also provides access to courses and professional certificates relevant to the business and helps advance the procurement career.
  • The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply offers procurement and supply chain courses. It also provides a variety of conventional and customized corporate supply chain training programs.

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