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CIPS Book Exams

CIPS Book Exams

You must first acquire a one-year CIPS student registration directly from CIPS in order to schedule an exam with CMI. The CIPS Student participation lasts for one year from the date of the purchase and delivery of registration and costs about £191. After one have gotten the CIPS student registration ID, what should you do? Don’t book tests with CIPS right after receiving your student registration certificate. You must schedule your CIPS tests immediately with CMI because we are your studying centre if you are a CMI student.

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How do I schedule CIPS tests?

  • As soon as you get your CIPS registration certificate, you can start scheduling CIPS tests.
  • Mostly on CMI Exam Booking interface, provide the CIPS membership card. then move on to choosing the appropriate options:
  • Test Sequence “March, May, July, November”
  • Course Type; Delivery Method (Exam Center; Remote Invigilation; Special Needs Center); “Diploma, Advanced Diploma”

You can move on to payment after making the appropriate choices.

How many exams do I book at a time?

You just need to schedule the exam sections that you are currently preparing for and are confident you can complete. There are often two or three exam models available per quarter. The units may be reserved on a term-by-term basis, and one or two may be postponed. It is strongly advised that you adhere to the timetable and the recommended quantity of units every term.

We will submit your reservation with CIPS as soon as we receive it from the CMI website. Ten days after the exam booking deadline, your scheduled tests will thereafter be visible in the MyCIPS portion of your CIPS account. Anyone who wants to schedule and pay for an assessment at one of Aspire’s CIPS digital examination centers should utilize this service.

On the linked page, the accessibility of our examination centers will be emphasized. You will be prompted to pay the appropriate fee for the exam and center after choosing your exam, exam center, schedule, and date. According to the CIPS exam rules, this deposit will not be refundable once Aspire verifies your exam booking.

There exists a 14-day “free to cancel” period for reservations made online. This time frame starts the day following the day you registered for and paid again for CIPS tests through CMI. No withdrawal requests will be allowed after this time, and there won’t be a refund. This solely pertains to the CIPS exam fee; exam centre or online invigilation fees are not included.

Review and Appeals Procedure for CIPS

Under specific circumstances, an evaluation review and complaints policy is applicable. Now, underneath My Applications and Inquiries in the MyCIPS area, you can submit an application for a reconsideration or an appeal.

Applications for Justifiable Modifications

In circumstances that cannot possibly be anticipated, candidates may seek for Special Consideration. Such petitions must be submitted within seven days of the exam or evaluation date. This also holds true for applicants who desire to disclose any occurrence that may have harmed their performance on an exam or other type of evaluation. Go to My Queries and Applications in your My CIPS account to submit your request.

Exams are used to evaluate a learner’s knowledge and competency for the CIPS (The International Association of Purchasing and Supply). Professional credentials offered by ERP SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT PTY LTD Training. Each study level is split into a variety of research study, each of which requires a learner to take and pass an examination. Some of us have not needed to worry about exam preparation while we graduated from school. And it might be intimidating for students who are deciding when to conduct their examinations. But don’t fret, our CIPS subject-matter experts have produced this fantastic resource to assist you with exam preparation.

Which examinations should you take first?

We advise students to take their tests in the sequence they are given. A lot of the information presented in one module has already been discussed in the one before. For instance, the Level 4 first module (L4M1) gives a preview of what is to come in later modules.

The learning materials have been designed in such a manner as to lead the student through the subject in chronological order, even though CIPS does not specify the order wherein exams should indeed be taken.

As soon as you’ve finished all of your reading and studying for that course and have had some time to finish the practice questions and examinations provided on the learning system, we advise taking the exam.

Our experience is customized to match your needs

When you enroll in ERP SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT PTY LTD Training’s CIPS program, you get access to our help when you require it. Our teaching staff has first-hand knowledge of the CIPS exam procedure and knows how to get a top score. They coordinate with each student to choose the best time for them to take every exam throughout the allotted course period. Each year, the study assistance staff assists hundreds of CIPS students with scheduling their exams at times and places that best suit their needs.

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